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The Software for Simple, Collaborative Maintenance Management

Manage, Maintain & Measure

Kairos AM enables assets life cycle extension, while reducing maintenance costs.

Kairos Asset Management is a software solution that allows management of all processes relating to technical maintenance activities, optimizing costs and increasing business competitiveness.


Allows fully distributed management of activities, facilitating access to all the stakeholders involved (Manager, Clients, Operators and Suppliers). Web and mobile usability allow simple and effective maintenance management from any location.


Thanks to a simple web interface, Kairos Asset Management maximizes User Experience. Navigation modes and intuitive consultation functions make for an easy-to-use platform.


Enabling IOT technologies, it connects technical resources and assets and returns a display with real-time data from sensors installed where they can help prevent breakdowns and malfunctions.


Modular and scalable, it is the ideal tool for companies that need to maintain high value assets: machinery, plant, factory and building infrastructure.

Why Kairos Asset Management?

Kairos Asset Management

With Kairos AM you can:

  • Extend the life cycle of assets and increase productivity.
  • Optimize technical-maintenance activities through a single monitoring system.
  • Consolidate all information in one place to manage it at any time, wherever you are.
  • Automate the planning and allocation of maintenance activities and organize them with a structured schedule.
  • Monitor suppliers constantly and measure their performance.
  • Encourage collaboration between internal and external people and easily control all technical resources deployed.

Modules are highly intuitive and customizable, to meet specific needs.

Asset management
Gestione degli assets

Asset management

Provides a full coding of business assets with general data, technical data, location data (with Geolocation), images and external documents (i.e., Technical Manuals). Printing of QR Code or BarCode facilitates the survey phase.

Maintenance requests
Richieste interventi di manutenzione

Maintenance requests

Allows maintenance request management. It is possible to set up requests via web or mobile app specifying date, priority, entity, requester, and attachment of photos as evidence.

Maintenance schedule
Scadenzario manutenzioni

Maintenance schedule

Interactive schedule of maintenance interventions, collects and automatically generates scheduled interventions at a specified time frequency or quantitative (MIR) and related management sheets.

Assignment of intervention
Assegnazione interventi

Assignment of intervention

Allows assignment of one or more maintenance interventions directly from the schedule. The designated operator can generate maintenance interventions, by assigning them to external suppliers or qualified internal staff.

Warehouse and parts
Warehouse and parts

Warehouse and parts

Allows master data management of parts, the link with suppliers and price lists. It is possible to assign different warehouses for parts allocation, also integrating third-party systems for personal data uploading.

Intervention report
Intervention report

Intervention report

Allows monitoring of interventions managed by internal staff and external suppliers during the entire life cycle, until their closure. The system has adequate interfaces (based on the Kanban method) for effective process monitoring.

Supplier qualification
Supplier qualification

Supplier qualification

Enables easy coding of qualified suppliers to maintenance service thanks to the management of documentation (i.e., DURC) and schedules.

Supplier portal
Supplier portal

Supplier portal

Accessing their web private area, suppliers can consult their personal data and manage all maintenance requests and related documentation.

Supplier contracts management
Supplier contracts management

Supplier contracts management

Enables contract management with service providers, differentiating them by intervention type. It is possible predetermine fixed, variable or fee costs and manage a mixed configuration (flat and variable). The system supports activity control and periodic review of conditions.



Thanks to its dashboard, Allows the definition and management of customized performance indicators, which can measure the process and provide useful information to functional managers.

Kairos Asset Management also on Mobile

  • Notice Board
  • Assets Query
  • QR Code Reading on asset
  • MIR: Query and Open
  • Take charge of assigned interventions
  • Maintenance management with the possibility of:
    • Check-in/out on intervention for real-time recording
    • Flags on completed tasks
    • T&M Recording
    • Parts Imputation
    • Photo Images Acquisition
  • Query on working progress

The maintenance service provider is a technology partner.

Maintenance service provider

Selection, qualification and monitoring are essential to ensure the quality of services entrusted to external staff. Kairos Asset Management qualifies contacts systematically. It also makes communication, as well as collaboration with external suppliers, lean and effective.

  • Coding Maintenance Qualified Suppliers
    Coding Maintenance Qualified Suppliers.
  • Login to Supplier Portal
    Login to Supplier Portal, a web private area, where all documentation is organized.
  • Manage contract
    Manage contract specifications in one place.
  • Get full control
    Get full control of all tasks assigned to external staff.

Case Study

JMG Cranes

Find out how Kairos AM has represented for JMG Cranes not just a software solution but a truly smart method of maintenance management